This course has been developed by (Dr Nirupma Trehanpati
Additional Professor,Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences).The Pi of this subject is (Prof.Vibha Dhawan
Distinguished Fellow and Senior Director, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), New Delhi)and team members/contenr writers are (P. Nagarajan, ( National Institute of Immunology, JNU) || Guresh Kumar, (Department of Molecular and Cellular Medicine, ILBS) || Gayatri Ramakrishna, (Department of Molecular and Cellular Medicine, ILBS) || Kuntal ., (Department of Zoology, Gargi College, University of Delhi) || Parvesh Bubber, (IGNOU) || Vikrant Nain, (School of BiotechnologyGautam Buddha University,Greater Noida) || Savneet Kaur, (Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences) || Seema Kalra, (Indira Gandhi National Open University) || Kalpana Bhargava, (DRDO) || Maneesha Pandey, (IGNOU) || Nirupma Trehanpati, (Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences )).This course is being offered/adopted by this university